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Catering & Larger Group Events

At La Familia Katonah, we strive to bring the best pizza to your table. Our family owned pizzeria has been serving the Katonah area for over 30 years. We make all of our pizzas from scratch, using only the freshest ingredients.

Not only do we offer individual slices and pies for dine-in and take-out, but we also offer catering options for larger groups. Our catering packages are perfect for office lunches, family gatherings, and any other special occasion. Stop by La Familia Katonah and let us take care of your next event.

Assorted Sandwich

What we offer 

Here at La Familia Katonah we believe that food is meant to bring everyone together and enjoy eachothers company, (or hang out by the food and enjoy your new friends company). We want to make it so you can enjoy your time with your guests, or really show your team some appreciation. So we take all the thought out of it.  We provide all of our dishes in half and full size party trays. We also can provide full set-ups, sodas, and anything you need for day. 

Office & Corporate

Looking To Treat the office we can help!

Whether you want a sandwich platter, party wedge or you prefer to submit a group order we do it all. We can Label each bag for each person so everyone can enjoy. We also invoice separately so no figuring out payment. So whether your a pharma rep buying for your doctors or a film crew feeding everyone on set let us do the food! 

& Club

At La Famila Katonah, we strive to provide our customers with an unforgettable pizza experience. Whether it's team meals or club dinners, we can cater to any size group with fresh, delicious pizza that's made to order. If You Need a Party Wedge We have you covered just make sure you give us 24 hours notice. We also provide discounts to local organizations 

Birthday Parties

Having a birthday Party well you have to have pizza. We can help you out crafting your menu based on age, ratio of kids to adults. We can deliver wherever you need. You can even have Jimmy Make you a number pizza.

Some Local Birthday Spots We Frequent: